Presidents: George Washington

From 1776 through 1788, America had no leader. This meant that there was nobody to make phone calls to sports teams that had just won championships. That situation was intolerable, so Revolutionary War hero and noted denture wearer George Washington was made our first president.

Here are a few facts about George Washington:

  • As our first president, George Washington started many traditions. For instance, every president since Washington has had wooden teeth installed, usually against their will.
  • George Washington could, in fact, tell a lie. For instance, his real name was Schlomo Abramowitz.
  • George Washington is often cited as “The Father of His Country,” but DNA tests suggest otherwise.
  • George’s wife Martha had a popular magazine, Martha Washington Living, whose sole purpose was to make all other colonial housewives feel horribly inadequate.
  • When posing for the $1 bill, Washington had to sit that way and make that face for over three years.

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