Georgia: Also Surprisingly State-Like

Georgia, the state, is not to be confused with Georgia, the country. Georgia is larger in size than Georgia, while Georgia has a larger population than Georgia. Larry The Cable Guy is Governor of Georgia, but in Georgia, Larry The Cable Guy is Dictator-for-Life. The state, that is.

Here’s what you need to know about Georgia. No, the other Georgia:

  • Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. Atlanta is almost like a real city, with streets and electricity and everything!
  • Georgian Jimmy Carter became president in 1977; disco happened about a year later. Coincidence…?
  • Ray Charles’ lovely, moving ballad “Georgia On My Mind” was written in the early 1950s and was originally called “Georgia On My Ass Because I Accidentally Drank At A ‘Whites Only’ Water Fountain. I Mean, How Was I Supposed To Know? I’m Blind, For God’s Sake.”

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