James Monroe: Another Guy Who Was President

James Monroe is best known for the Monroe Doctrine. But he was also responsible for the Monroe Guideline, the Monroe Friendly Advice, and the Monroe Here’s What I’d Do If I Were You But Hey It’s Your Call.

The Monroe Doctrine, of course, states what would become the keystone of American foreign policy: “Bite me, France!”

Here are a few more fact-like items about our 5th president, James Monroe:

  • The Monroe presidency was known as The Era Of Good Feelings, mainly because somebody dumped a bunch of Ecstasy in the drinking water.
  • James Monroe bought Florida from the Spanish, the first of many shady real estate deals involving that part of the country.
  • During the Monroe administration, the nation suffered through the Panic of 1819, which was caused by a group of young men known only as “The Backstreet Boys.”

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