Magna Carta: The New Way To Democracy!

One of the most important documents in history is the Magna Carta (literally, “Memo: New Break Room Rules, Because SOMEone Took My Lunch Again”).

The Magna Carta granted the people many new liberties, including:

  • Look, someone is stealing my lunch everyday.
  • I think it’s you, Rick.
  • I mean, you had bits of lasagna in your beard yesterday. Come ON, Rick.
  • So from now on, the fridge will be locked. If you want in, you have to sign the fridge sheet and then I will unlock and relock the fridge for you. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The Magna Carta was created in the year 1215, but couldn’t be signed until several hundred years later, when writing was invented. It set out many of the most important principles of democracy, such as:

  • Put your name on your lunch bag, for chrissake.
  • And somebody’s got to clean out the fridge once a week, because that turkey sandwich that got left in the fridge for like three months was NASTY.
  • Seriously, Rick: I know it was you. Admit it!

Yes, these inspirational idea form the basis of America’s Constitution, and democracy everywhere.


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