Copernicus: He Was Like Smart & Stuff

Renaissance astronomer Copernicus was the first man to postulate that the Sun was at the center of our solar system. Of course, now we know that the Kardashians are the center of the entire universe, but this idea was a major advance for the time.

The powerful Roman Catholic Church wanted to ban his book, De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium (in English, Who Moved My Cheese?), but later settled for simply removing all references to the N-word.

Later, Galileo was convicted of heresy–partly for following Copernicus’ ideas about the solar system, but mainly for using mayonnaise in Jello salad. It totally ruined the Vatican Picnic of 1633.

But today, Copernicus’ ideas are accepted worldwide, while mayonnaise in Jello salad is still universally regarded as really, really gross.


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