Rabbits: They’ll Cut You, Man

Rabbits: Oh, they may look fluffy, cute and harmless. But they have a serious problem–they have a long-term addiction to crystal meth, and will do anything to get some, including burglary, prostitution–even murder!

Here are a few facts about rabbits. Learn them, or you take your life into your own hands:

  • Did you see that one episode of “Intervention” with the rabbits? That old, bald guy and the rabbits’ family tried to get them into rehab, but they just sat there, blinking and twitching. Their family was heartbroken, and rabbits went back to a life on the street. They probably only have months to live unless they get real help.
  • Rabbits eat grass. Not because they like it, but because it’s one of the few foods they can chew with their horrible, meth-softened teeth.
  • Anytime you see a rabbit in the wild, it is probably tweaking. Back slowly away–it may mess you up.

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