Chad: A Nation Somewhere

Chad is located in northern Africa, in Seward Hall between Jeff & Tony’s room and the RA’s room on the fourth floor. He’s got one of the few singles in the entire dorm, and yet all he does is play Magic: The Gathering with his dorky friends down in the Student Union. He was seeing Central African Republic for a while last semester, but she’s going with a Beta now. Or maybe he’s a K-Sig.

Here are a few facts about the nation of Chad:

  • In 2010, Chad declared war on Cameroon when, without warning, Cameroon flushed the toilet while Chad was in the shower. Hundreds of thousands died or were left homeless in the bloody battle.
  • In a bloodless coup, Chad went from being ruled by BioShock 2 to being ruled by the new Call of Duty game.
  • Chad’s current national anthem is “That One Song By Linkin Park.”

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