South Carolina: Technically A State

Could you get South Carolina another Ensure? South Carolina’s story is on in a few minutes. South Carolina’s been watching its story every day since 1978 and refuses to miss a single episode. South Carolina even continued watching its story during that whole Demetri and Bianca thing; they never belonged together, and South Carolina was so glad they finally killed Demetri off in that boating accident. Bianca was always too good for scum like Demetri.

Here are a few facts about the great state of South Carolina:

  • Will Tad tell Silver about his affair with Skye? And what of Trevor? Not to mention Frankee’s pregnancy!
  • Will Adam blackmail Palmer into leaving Pine Valley with those photos of Steele and Kendall? And what about Arvin’s Great Dane?
  • And what about Mona’s cancer? Is she just faking it so she can get closer to Cortland? What will Leland’s ghost say?

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