William Henry Harrison: President For An Entire Month

William Henry Harrison didn’t listen to his mother; he went out without a coat, caught pneumonia and died after only thirty days in office. So, please. Listen to your mother. She’s usually right. And would it kill you to call her once in a while? She misses you. She was in labor for 18 hours with you, you know.

Here are a few important fact-like items about William Henry Harrison:

  • Going out without a coat and catching pneumonia is not the only time William Henry Harrison ignored his mother’s advice. He spent days twelve through fifteen of his brief presidency running with scissors, while days sixteen through twenty were spent putting things in his mouth that he didn’t know where they’d been.
  • Hacking up an entire lung (pretty gross, really).
  • At 67, William Henry Harrison was the oldest man elected president until Ronald Reagan, who was believed to have dated back to the Pleistocene Era.

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