New Hampshire: Incredibly State-Like

According to the US Constitution, every four years New Hampshire gets to choose our next president. The rest of us get absolutely no say in the matter; only New Hampshire’s three dozen residents get to make this important decision. You had better hope they haven’t been drinking.

Here are a few facts about New Hampshire that are nearly important enough for you to remember:

  • In 1976, there was a huge blizzard and nobody could leave their homes to vote in the New Hampshire primary. So, for the next four years, America had no president, though we all pretended that Jimmy Carter won.
  • As a joke, in 1888 everyone in New Hampshire wrote in “Rutherford B. Hayes” on their ballot. Boy, was he surprised when he had to serve as president for the next four years. Best prank of all time? Oh, yeah.
  • New Hampshire is also famous for absolutely nothing else.

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