Arlington, TX: Why?

Located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington, TX started out as a strip mall with a TCBY, a Pier 1 Imports, and that check-cashing place where Sherry used to work.

But Arlington today is basically one huge mall, anchored by at least seven JC Penneys and the largest drive-thru liquor store in the state (Drunky’s: six floors of twelve packs!). There’s something for everybody in Arlington: Bed Bath & Beyond and The Gap, of course. But also: Candles-N-Tires Mart. Hats For Ducks Superstore.  Puppies And Chain Saws Warehouse. Dead Pigeons R Us. Just Those Things At The Ends Of Shoelaces. Pancho McGillicuddy’s. Luke Warm Ham Barn. Every Kinda Lugnut. Glass Eyes For Every Occasion. Nothing But Bongs Shaped Like William Howard Taft. And more! There were at least 700 San Francisco Music Box Companies at last count.

Arlington is also home to Cowboys Stadium, which was the site of Super Bowl XLV, where the staff of the Green Bay Cheese-A-Teria defeated the staff of the Pittsburgh Steel Superstore, 27-24. If you go to the Green Bay Cheese-A-Teria, say hi to Sherry!


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