Skylab: A (Former) Space Thing

Launched by NASA in 1973, Skylab was not only a fully-functional manned space station, but also a fully-functioning roller disco.

Between 1973 and 1979, many disco groups were sent up to Skylab to perform experiments; for instance, KC & the Sunshine Band made huge strides for the US in both getting down tonight and shaking your booty. Celebrities lined up around the block to get into Skylab every night.

Later, costs for the Skylab program started to spiral out of control, as NASA had to send up more and more cocaine and polyester. And by the time the Village People arrived, the scene was already kind of over.

As the disco fad came to an abrupt end in 1979, so did Skylab–it crashed down to Earth in the Australian Outback. Today, only dingoes and wombats shake their groove things, and many kangaroos are sent to rehab for their coke problems.


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