The Dutch Buy Manhattan: Wells Fargo Is Currently Foreclosing

The Dutch arrived in what we now call Manhattan in 1626, only to discover that “Spamalot” was already sold out for months to come. Also, scalpers wanted $800 for front row seats. So to ensure they could get into the next several hundred shows, the Dutch purchased Manhattan from the Lenape people for just $24.

Now, that might seem like an extremely shrewd deal for the Dutch, but consider:

  • $24 in 1626 money is worth approximately $400 billion in today’s money.
  • The Lenape people were able to leave Manhattan before Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and those Olsen twins arrived.

So clearly, the Lenape people were the big winners here.

Later, the Dutch would give Manhattan to the British, mainly because the original cast of “Spamalot” was long gone and had been replaced by Sanjaya as King Arthur and Kathy griffin as Lancelot. And who wants to see that shit?


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