The Gall Bladder: It’s In Your Body

The gall bladder produces gallstones, those painful little things we usually get removed by a doctor. Don’t do this! You’re missing out on a fortune!

Gallstones are made of solid gold. This is why doctors are so rich: they remove your gallstones, melt them down and build a solid gold swimming pool to go with their solid gold house, the bastards.

You can keep these precious riches for yourself by removing your own gallstones at home. Just get out a melon baller and dig right in. Sure, you’ll probably pull out hunks of liver and intestine at first, but keep practicing and you’ll soon strike gold!

What will you do with all your gallstone gold? We’re building a solid gold Iron Man suit. Escept we’ll be called Gold Man! But we’re not going to save the world from super villains; we’re just going to fly around and poop on people, and moon passing airplanes and shit.


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