North Carolina: Like One Carolina Wasn’t Enough

God apparently hates North Carolina, because He and/or She keeps throwing hurricanes at it. So far this week, North Carolina has been hit with seventeen hurricanes, including Hurricane Barry, Hurricane Robin and Hurricane Maurice. Last week it was hammered by Hurricane Michael, Hurricane Jermaine, Hurricane Tito and Hurricane The Other Two Guys In The Jackson Five Whose Names Nobody Ever Remembers.

Here are some important, albeit distressing, facts about North Carolina:

  • In the 1970s, North Carolina was pounded by Hurricane Richie, Hurricane Fonzie and Hurricane Potsie.
  • In the 1980s, North Carolina was pummeled by Hurricane Balki, Hurricane ALF, Hurricane Tototie and Hurricane Mr. T.
  • This year, North Carolina is scheduled to bet hit by Hurricane Appl.De.Ap, Hurricane Wiz Kalifa, and Hurricane Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. All of this wil be on top of the untold damage produced by last year’s Hurricane Bieber.

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