Disalmanac: We’re Not Just A Blog

Here at Disalmanac, we are a three-pronged attack of fact-like items.

First, there was the Disalmanac Twitter feed. Here, you can find short items about whatever the heck happened today in history and important news updates. The Twitter feed currently has over 23,000 followers. Join us, won’t we?

Then, of course, there’s this blog you are reading even as we speak, which gives us a chance to give you even more fact-like items about the presidents, the states, the nations of the world, animals, and crap like that.

And now, somewhere between 140 characters and 140 words, there exists the Disalmanac Tumblr. Here, we’re posting and discussing historic photos. And soon, there will be other medium-length content, such as the grocery lists of our vice presidents and more.

So be sure to check all three of these daily to get the full Disalmanac experience. Otherwise, it’s like listening to a stereo with only two, and not three, speakers.


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