The Stamp Act of 1765: A Thing That Happened

The American colonists were very upset with the British for the Stamp Act, which required all colonists to pretend to give a shit when Britain started talking about its stamp collection. Like the colonists cared about rare first day covers from Italy, or whether that old stamp from San Marino was perforated or non-perforated. Who gives a fuck, right?

So to protest, the Americans formed the Sons of Liberty, which countered this British tyranny by having secret meetings at night in the backs of taverns and inns. The British tried to get into the meetings, but nobody would show them the secret handshake.

This got the British to shut the hell up about their stamp collections for awhile, but by 1772 they were also going on and on about their other boring hobbies–macrame, their menu collection, decopauge and Lord knows what else. And this is what led to the Declaration of Independence in 1776. In fact, Jefferson’s original draft of the Declaration included the phrase, “the pursuit of happiness, and everyone just shut up about your stupid commemorative plates, nobody gives yon shitte.”


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