The Ming Dynasty: A Thing That Happened

From 1368 to 1644, China was ruled with an iron fist by Ming vases. Clearly, giving the vases fists in the first place was a terrible idea, let alone iron ones. Also, making vases that were not only sentient but also bloodthirsty and power-hungry seems to have been not the best move. Eventually, the people who made vases replaced the fists with little handles and the bloodthirstiness with ornate line work and the Ming Dynasty finally ended.

Here are a few facts about the Ming Dynasty:

  • After the Ming Dynasty, China was ruled by small jelly jars, and then by decopauges of birthday cards with flowers on them.
  • NBA player Yao Ming is descended from members of the Ming Dynasty, and has had to be repaired with Elmer’s glue more then once.
  • The Ming Dynasty was the inspiration for the hit ’80s TV show “Dynasty,” where Joan Collins played a slutty vase.

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