Pituitary Gland: Another Gross Thing In Your Stupid Body

Your pituitary gland controls growth, blood pressure and body temperature, among other things. Are you going to stand for that? Are you going to let that little tiny orange thing in your head control what you do? Who does your pituitary gland think it is, telling you what to do? Why don’t you nut up and tell that little gland to shove off? Better yet, just yank it right out of your head right now and regulate your own damn body temperature. Unless you’re chicken. Bokka bokka! Chicken!

Here are some interesting facts about your pituitary gland:

  • Not only is your pituitary gland telling you what to do, it’s probably sleeping with your wife, the bastard.
  • Or your husband. We don’t know which kind of spouse you have.
  • And hey, we support whatever lifestyle choice you’ve made. Husband, wife, whatever. Good for you.

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