Cleveland: A City, We Think

Cleveland is a delightful place for a family vacation! There’s the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, located on Lake Erie very near to where the Smog Monster lives. The Flats is a popular nightlife area where the Smog Monster lays its toxic eggs. And every year during the annual Rib Cook Off, Godzilla comes to town to fight the Smog Monster.

Here are a few more helpful facts about Cleveland:

  • When planning your vacation, make your hotel reservations early. But check with your hotel a few days before your visit to make sure it hasn’t been destroyed by the Smog Monster’s noxious fire breath.
  • Another nice area to visit in Cleveland is the Coventry shopping area. At least it was, until Godzilla destroyed the entire neighborhood with a sweep of his enormous tail. Well, it was nice while it lasted!
  • Sometimes Eddie Money comes and plays during the Rib Cookoff, and the Smog Monster and Godzilla team up to fight him. Pretty cool.

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