Ohio: Not Un-State-Like

OK, can we talk about the lame-ass Ohio state quarter for a minute? Because it is easily the worst of the 50 state quarters (though Indiana’s is no great shakes, either).

What makes it so lame? First, it features an outline of the state, which is basically admitting, “Hey. our state has a shape, and that’s about it.” Second, it features the Wright Brothers plane, which was already pictures, much more beautifully, on North Carolina’s state quarter. Which, you know, is the state the Wright Brothers actually made history in.

Finally, there’s an astronaut. Now, as near as I can tell, Ohio is not the Moon, nor is it Cape Kennedy, nor is it the big NASA space facility in Houston. Unless everyone in Ohio walks around dressed as an astronaut all day (and who would blame them? Have you ever tried walking around Ceveland, Columbus or Toledo? Damn, Slappy), this is again basking in the glory of other states.

Thing is, Ohio’s quarter could have been awesome–approximately 400 US presidents were born in Ohio. Cleveland’s got the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, while Canton’s got the Pro Football Hall of Fame–they could have had some old-timey football dude chilin’ with ZZ Top or some shit. Then there’s Grandpa’s Cheese Barn, located conveniently between Cleveland and Columbus for all your cheese needs. Because everybody loves cheese.

Just, you know–whatever, Ohio. Get it right next time.


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