Denmark: Yet Another Nation

So, you want to know about Denmark, do you? You want to know about its capital, and its people? You want to know all about its geography and historical sites, eh? You sure like to ask a lot of questions about something that’s none of your business. You ever hear that saying, “Curiosity killed the guy who wanted to know about Denmark?” That.

Here are a few more facts about Denmark:

  • You know what happened to the last guy who wanted to know something about Denmark? They found him in the East River with his throat slit like a big-mouth bass the next day.
  • How are your wife and kids doing these days? Gosh, I’d sure hate to see something happen to them, like an accident or a car bomb or an accidental car bomb.
  • What? You say you don’t want to know about Denmark anymore?  Smart man. Now just move along and forget this ever happened.

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