Louisiana: What, Another State? Sheesh

Louisiana is a state with lots of bayous. And what is a bayou? A swamp.  Let’s face it–Louisiana is just one giant marshy swamp. And if the alligators don’t get you, Swamp Thing will. Do you want to hang out in a swamp all day, waiting to get torn limb from limb by Swamp Thing? I didn’t think so. I’d stay the hell away from Louisiana, if I were you.

Here are a few facts about Louisiana:

  • The US bought the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803. Why we didn’t immediately trade Louisiana and Arkansas to England for a couple of future second-round draft picks is still a mystery.
  • Notable cities in Louisiana include Swamp City, Swamp Lake, and Swamp Bog.
  • The name “Louisiana” comes from the French, for “Swamp Thing just ate Pierre! Merde!”

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