Ulysses S. Grant: Another Guy Who Was President

Eighteenth US president Ulysses Grant had many nicknames, such as Drunky, Hey Get Up You Can’t Sleep Here, Check To See If He’s Still Breathing, and Ol’ No Liver. His notable Cabinet appointments included Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, Ernest & Julio Gallo, G. Horace Ripple III, Stephen Maddog2020, Arthur Rubbingalcohol.

Here are some more facts about Ulysses S. Grant:

  • Historians consider Grant’s biggest accomplishment as president to be once getting through a major policy address with passing out or peeing himself.
  • People often ask: Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb? This is a trick question; everyone knows the answer is actor Grant Goodeve, from the popular TV show “Eight Is Enough.”

LIST: More Nicknames For Ulysses Grant:

  • Pukey.
  • General Blowchunks.
  • Prince of Horkness.
  • Good God, What Is That Smell? Oh, It’s The President.
  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed President.

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