Bangladesh: A Nation

Bangladesh, we’re here today because we love you. But you have a problem. You have a problem with alcohol. And cocaine. And meth. And Vicodin. And Oxycontin. And products with Oxy-5 in them. And chocolate. And “Doctor Who.” And chicken chimichangas. And airplane glue. And grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. You need real help, Bangladesh.

Here are a few facts about Bangladesh:

  • Bangladesh, we thought you had hit rock bottom two years ago when you lost your job and started living in your car, but that was just the beginning. Then came all the arrests and ODs.
  • The treatment program is only 90 days, Bangladesh. Yes, we’ll take care of your 12 cats while you’re gone.
  • This is your last chance to get clean, Bangladesh. If you don’t get the help you need today, we’re cutting off you off. Grandma says no more chocolate chip cookies. Please accept this help today, Bangladesh.

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