Garret A. Hobart: Another Vice President

Our second vice president, Garret A. Hobart is probably best known today for being our second vice president. He served under John Adams, who said of Hobart, “Who….?” History has been kind to Garret A. Hobart, not remembering a single damn thing about him. Maybe he never even existed. Who knows?

Here are some more facts about Garret A. Hobart:

  • Remind us to go to the store today–we have to pick up cat litter.
  • And some like, Lysol or something, because that litter box stinks hard with a vengeance. Damn!
  • Maybe we should get around to cleaning it up more than once a month…?

One comment

  1. julie

    With all due respect – wasn’t it McKinley saying, “Who the f**k is Garret Hobart?” Is the cat called Gus? Hobart’s middle name was Augustus…

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