Fort Worth: Another Damn City

Constructed entirely of pillows and couch cushions, Fort Worth is located in the living room. From safely within the fort, residents can still watch Saturday morning cartoons or even play Super Mario Cart if the controller is within reach.

Your little sister is not allowed in the Fort Worth pillow fort. If she approaches, you are required by local ordinance to throw Nerf balls and Cheerios at her until she goes back to her room and slams the door.

Clearly, the best part of being a resident of Fort Worth is when Mom brings freshly-baked Snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies to the fort. And milk! Hey, Steve, I’ll trade you this snickerdoodle for half a chocolate chip cookie! Then, we all play Monopoly and tell scary stories until we fall asleep. That was awesome. Let’s have the sleepover at Joey’s house next weekend!


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