The Boston Tea Party: A Thing That Happened

In 1773, Bostonians dressed up as Mohawks and stormed British ships, throwing tea into the harbor. Today we have a new Tea Party movement. How does today’s Tea Party differ from the Boston Tea Party?

  • The colonists were protesting taxation without representation. The current Tea Party has representation at every level of government–though admittedly, many of their representatives, such as Michele Bachmann, are kind of dim.
  • While the Boston Tea Party was partly aimed at the British government, it was also aimed at a huge, monopolistic company, the East India Company. Today’s Tea Party wants to give more power to giant corporations, with less oversight. If they were actually in the spirit of the Boston Tea Party, they’d be throwing the bankers who wrecked our economy into a harbor–hopefully, with cement overshoes. That would rock.
  • The irony of calling their anti-tax movement after a historical event that occurred in the state they call “Taxachussetts” is probably lost on the current Tea Party.
  • And while the Boston Tea Partiers had no known stance on today’s social issues, it’s hard to imagine them booing any of the soldiers that fought for the freedom of all Americans.

On the other hand, the Boston Tea Party dressed up as Native Americans, while the current Tea Party dresses up like John Adams. Gotta give that round to the current Tea Party. Good job–people always take you seriously when you’re in a silly costume!


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