Black Holes: Black, Like Your Soul

Black holes are massive gravitational events in time-space that suck in everything that comes close, including light and Diet Red Bull. Black holes are often found at the center of galaxies, and deep inside most celebrities.

Nobody is quite sure what happens once you get sucked into a black hole. You may get crushed into nothingness, like when you listen to Smiths albums all day. Or, a black hole could be the entrance to a wormhole which would immediately take you to a completely different part of the universe. Astronomers are currently hoping to discover a black hole that could transport a space traveler directly into Megan Fox’s panties.

One way to think of a black hole whose mass is M is the equation:



Where Q stands for Quaker Oats and J stands for jelly donuts. In other words, black holes are the nutritious part of this complete breakfast.


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