Grouper: Nature’s Grouper

If you guessed that a grouper is a kind of fish, then congratulations! Because it is. You don’t win anything for knowing, though. I mean, what do you want, a medal? What are you going to do, wear the medal all the time like some old-timey German keiser or some shit? Oooooh, look at me, you’ll say, I got this one for knowing what a grouper is, and I got this one for being an insufferable twit. Jesus. Get over yourself already.

Look, if it’s really that important to you, just make your own damn medal, you freak. Just find a picture of a fish, punch a hole in it, and string some stupid-ass ribbon through it. Then pin it directly through your lips so we don’t have to listen to you going on and on about how you know what a grouper is. Just shut up already about the grouper.

That is everything you need to know about the grouper. Now go home.


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