Belize: Nation-y

Belize is located in Central America, just south of Mexico on the Caribbean. You really couldn’t ask for a better place to start a country. But how’d they get such a primo location?

Bribery. They totally slipped the real estate agent forty bucks while they were getting the tour, and that was that. We wanted to start Disalmanac: The Country there, but as soon as Belize greased the real estate guy’s palm, suddenly he wouldn’t return our phone calls and boom, Belize has a nation in this warm, sunny paradise, right where we wanted ours. Those bastards.

Oh, the real estate guy did eventually call us back, offering to show us that area in Canada that eventually became that eskimo province. But we really had our hearts set on somewhere more tropical and less polar wasteland-y. So if you hear about a place, let us know. And this time, we’ll bribe the real estate guy.


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