Los Angeles: A City Or Something

Los Angeles is home to the moving picture industry. We saw a movie once. It was “Outrageous Fortune,” with Bette Midler and that woman from “Cheers.” No, not her. The other one. No, the other other one. Right. Her. Anyway, we absolutely hated that movie, which is why we believe the motion picture is a passing fad that will be replaced by something more entertaining and fulfilling, like stabbing yourself in the eyeballs with a Philips head screwdriver, or croquet.

Los Angeles is also home of the music industry, which we also believe to be a passing fancy, because, you know: Maroon 5. What the hell is that crap?

Finally, Los Angeles is home to the television industry. Television is certainly no passing fad; entertainments such as “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and “Cupcake Mafia War Wives” will live forever. Good job, Los Angeles!


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