Michigan: It’s Like A State

OK, here’s the thing with Michigan. You know how all of the other state quarters picture something historic or famous about their state? You know–North Carolina’s got the Wright Brothers’ first flight, a pretty big deal. Oregon’s got Crater Lake, a beautiful natural feature found there. Both of these quarters make you think, hey, that’s a pretty cool state, right?

You know what’s on Michigan’s state quarter? An outline of Michigan. That’s it. It’s like, “Hi, we’re Michigan. The most interesting thing about us is our shape. We suck.” Apparently, Michigan has had not a single famous person, has no landmarks or cities, and nobody does anything there. All they’ve got is a shape. Wow. Sign me up to visit Michigan right away. Not.

Or maybe there’s a different message to Michigan’s quarter. “Do you wanna know what we have in Michigan? None of your fucking business.” Playing hard to get doesn’t make me want to visit either, Michigan.

So: Michigan. A state with absolutely nothing to offer, filled with rude people. Yay!


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