Disalmanac Podcast 020: New Hampshire (with Reggie Watts)

Disalmanac Podcast 020

This week: fact-like facts about the state of New Hampshire! For instance: it’s not all that new anymore. At best, you could call it New-ish Hampshire, maybe. It doesn’t even have that new state smell anymore!

And stay tuned for this week’s Random Bonus Fact from Reggie Watts–comedian, musician, and theoretical physicist. You’ve seen him open for Conan O’Brien, assuming you saw Conan’s nationwide tour in 2010. If you missed out on that, do we ever feel sorry for you.

Download by right-clicking the above link. Like you don’t know that.

Remember, all the previous podcasts are here. Hear previous guests like Mary Jo Pehl (MST3K) and Sara Benincasa, or learn some crap about String Theory or Iceland. Whatever.

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