Vulcan: A Space Planet

Vulcan is a planet in space, which seems like a good place for a planet, all things considered.

Vulcan is where the Vulcans live. You’d think they’d come up with a better name, right? You don’t go around saying, “I’m from Earth. I’m an Earth.” Or maybe you do. We don’t know you. But if you do, you’re a fucking idiot.

The Vulcan culture is based on logic. Logic, and eyebrow lifts. Not the best idea for a culture. If we could start our own culture, we’d base it on like, Nacho Cheese Doritos and the Molly Hatchet tune “Flirtin’ With Disaster.” Why is this NOT a thing?

So yeah, Vulcan. Kind of a shithole, really. A shithole of logic.



  1. ThinkWingRadio

    Early on, Star Trek: TOS played witih the word “Vulcanians”, but it never caught on. Probably sounded too much like “volcano”, which, given their native temperament, might be a bit on-the-nose.

    Think of Vulcans as Czechs. Czechs are from the Czech Republican, It’s not “Czechland”, so they are not “Czechlanders”, nor are they “Czech Republicans” (which is itself an awful thought, since we surely don’t need more Republicans).

    So if a Czech can be from the Czech Republic, then a Vulcan can be from the planet Vulcan.

    Ipso facto, as they say.

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