Cleopatra: A History Lady

Cleopatra was like, the prime minister of Egypt or something back a long time ago and stuff. There were pyramids and crap. Some people think space aliens helped build the great pyramids, because there is like, no way a human being could ever come up with the triangle.

And what is that sphinx thing? Is that what the aliens looked like? Lions with human heads? So does that mean the Lion King a space alien, too? We know the Lion King doesn’t have a human head, but he can talk and sing Elton John songs. Maybe Elton John is a space alien, too? That explains the outfits and the glasses back in the ’70s. And really, what the hell does “Bennie & The Jets” even mean? Who has electric boots? Space aliens, that’s who.

And that is everything you need to know about Cleopatra.


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