Woodrow Wilson: A President Dude

Woodrow Wilson was walking with Will Wentz, when Wentz went with Wilson where Warren worked. Warren worked with wood, whistling while whittling. When will Wanda welcome Wes, wondered Woodrow. Wes was weird when Wanda wanted walnuts.

Well, whispered Warren, Will was worried Woodrow would want Wanda without Wes’s wherewithal. Why wouldn’t Woodrow wait with Will while Warren worked with Wanda? Wanda wanted Will, while Woodrow wanted Wanda. Why Wanda? Whither Will? Wouldn’t Wes work?

Will wished Wanda would woo Wes while Warren was whistling. With Woodrow Wilson, Will Wentz went westward with Wanda. Warren worked with Wes, whittling well.


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