Senegal: A Nation

So, Senegal’s a country. But it’s so much more than a country! It’s also a river. Do you have a river? No? Then shut up!

Our cousin’s friend’s uncle had a river once. It was a pain in the butt! All those fish to feed, all those rocks to keep smooth. Jesus, so much work! And if you want to put in a waterfall? Forget it–you’ll never be able to afford it. Those waterfall contractors make major bank. This guy I went to school with’s brother’s brother-in-law is a waterfall contractor, and he lives in like, a mansion, plus has this other place out on the coast. Right on the beach! Plus, he owns like, seven rivers! All of them with waterfalls!

We’ll be lucky if we ever own more than a puddle in the gutter. Clearly, we’re in the wrong business. And that’s all you need to know about Senegal.


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