The Sinuses: A Really Icky Thing In Your Body

Located in your head, your sinus cavities are filled with disgusting goo. At least, ours are. We’ve had like, one long sinus headache since November. It’s putting all this pressure on our ear; when we flew back from LA we thought our ears were going to explode, the pressure was so bad. We just held our head and screamed in pain–they asked us to leave the plane, mainly because everybody else had already de-boarded a half hour before, and we were still sitting there, holding our head and screaming. Oops. So now we’re not allowed to fly Delta anymore. Thanks, sinuses.

And we’ve been having to blow our nose constantly, and it’s this really thick, yellow mucus that is totally gross. We go through approximately 80 Starbucks napkins a day. We grab napkins at Starbucks because it’s cheaper than Kleenex, and holds up to the thick goo better–it’s tough to make a Starbucks napkin fall apart. And they’re made of recycled paper! We don’t know how Starbucks does it, but thank you.

But yeah–sometimes we blow our nose, and our ear pops painfully, and we’re dizzy for like ten minutes afterwards. Then we have to lean against the wall of the Sytarbucks for several minutes, and everyone thinks we’re drunk. Which we are, usually, but really, it’s the nose-blowing dizziness.


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