Buenos Aires: Some City In Some Other Damn Country

Buenos Aires (which is French for “my uncle’s toasteroven”) is located in Argentina. Argentina is located in South America, while South America is located in the Western Hemisphere.

The Western Hemisphere is located on the Earth, while the Earth is located in a solar system that, as far as we know, doesn’t have a name.

We should do something about that. Why aren’t we selling naming rights to the entire solar system? Milky Way bought the naming rights to our galaxy, and Milky Way isn’t even as good as Snickers. Give us caramel over nougat anyday. Hell, we prefer Butterfinger to Milky Way, and it’s like, made out of chocolate-covered tree bark or some shit.

Though growing up, what we really liked were Necco Wafers. What can we say–we have a soft spot for a candy that’s all dusty, with the texture of chalk. Mmmmmm, chalk.

And that is everything you need to know about Buenos Aires.


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