Louis XIV: A History Dude

Louis XIV is considered one of France’s greatest kings–but what happened to the first XIII Louises?

Louis I fell into a well. Louis II was mauled by wolves. Louis III ate some bad snails. Louis IV died in a duel. Louis V tried to fit his entire head into a goldfish bowl (he was kinda dumb). Louis VI was shipwrecked on a desert island and never seen again. Louis VII ran headlong into a tree on a bet. He lost.

Louis VIII decided to end it all by leaping from the Eifel Tower; he died while waiting around for someone to build it. Louis IX died in a horrible French-kissing accident; hundreds were injured. Louis X tried to break the world record for holding one’s breath while being stabbed with daggers in the head (a record he still holds today, by the way). Louis XI was actually Louis VI, back from the desert island at long last, but dead from scurvy just days later. Louis XII hid so well in a game of Hide & Seek that he was never seen again. And Louis XIII died of a broken heart when he was left at the altar by his horse, Pierre.

As it turns out, Louis XIV reigned for 72 years. But he also eventually succumbed to death, when he volunteered to be turned into cheese. He was delicious.


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