Apollo 7: A Space Thing

Apollo 7, launched in 1967, was the first successful manned mission in the Apollo program, which would eventually land men on the moon, where we now have a thriving colony with Space Starbucks and Moon McDonalds and everything.

But Apollo 7 was merely a test mission–it was a test of the Saturn rocket, and a test of the three-person module. But mainly, the three astronauts were asked to take their space SATs while in Earth orbit, to see if the low-gravity environment affected their ability to know if one train left Chicago at 3PM at 67 MPH, while another left Chicago at 3:30PM travelling at 80 MPH, where would they meet?

Lunar module pilot R. Walter Cunningham did poorly, answering, “Boron.” Command module pilot Donn Eisele did a bit better, answering “Chickens.” But only Mission commander Wally Schirra got the question right, Answering that the two trains would never meet, as both are, in fact, traveling west (how many of you got this trick question correct?). Then they came home and like all SAT test-takers, received a ticker-tape parade in New York City. We remember ours like it was only yesterday!


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