Labia: A Body Part

So, labia are, you know, lady thingies. No, not those lady thingies. No, not the thingies on those thingies. No, no, no. Lower. No, lower. No, that’s not a lady thingie; men have those, too. Also: even lower than that. And…too low. Jesus.

Oh! Now you’re getting warm. Warmer. Now, more specific. A lady thingie that’s part of that lasy thingie. No, on the outside, you nimrod. Jesus. It’s…no, not that lady thingie, though that IS a nice lady thingie. The labia are…no, no! So close now! Yes! The flappy part! Whew. OK then. So that’s the labia. Now let us never speak of this again.


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