Water Snakes: Another Icky Animal

Don’t go in the water! There may be a water snake lurking, ready to bite your feet! Auuugghhhh!

And water snakes aren’t the half of it. Lurking just below the surface of many lakes and waterways, you’ll find water buffalo, ready to stampede over you! Blaaaaggghhhh!

Also, you may run into a deadly water tiger, ready to pounce on you while you swim! Unnnghhh! Or a deadly water bear, lurking in the depths until it mistakes your arm for a tasty pi-a-nic basket! Chomp! Eeeeeeeeeee! Or a deadly water wolf, ready to attack you in the water blizzard when you can’t start your water fire! Bluuuuurrrff!

Really, it’s best to avoid ALL water. You’ll be glad you did.



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