The Pancreas: Yuck!

The pancreas is yet another yucky, yucky thing in your body. Yuck.

It’s right there in your belly, throbbing and excreting stuff. It’s disgusting.

And what is your pancreas excreting, anyway? Probably some vile, pale greenish goo your body doesn’t even need, anyway. Or maybe it’s some yellowy liquid, squirting all over your insides even as we speak. Ewwwwww!

If we were you, we’d get our pancreas removed right now. Don’t wait to go to the doctor–just grab a bread knife, slice into your abdomen and just pull out whatever you find. One of those lumps will probably be your pancreas. Then just duct tape the wound shut and you’re good as new–better than new, because now you don’t have a disgusting pancreas! Yay!


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