Nashville: Another Goddamn City

They don’t call Nashville “Music City” for nothing: it’s the home of the Grand Ole Opry. When it first opened, the Grand Ole Opry was to be the nation’s premiere spelling bee venue. But since all three words of its name are misspelled (“Grand” is a misspelling of “Goober Peas”), it was doomed to failure. It shut its doors after the Spelling Riots of 1919. Several years later, it re-opened as a country music venue (country music fans don’t care how you spell “goober peas”) and soon, Nashville was the capital of the country music scene.

Of course, being home to country music brings its own problems. All the drinking, trains, pick-up trucks, divorces, and the occasional new recording by Kenny Roger’s weird-ass head all make Nashville a dangerous place after dark. Be careful out there, and get us some of those delicious goober peas.


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