Malaysia: Some Country Somewhere

Malaysia is located someplace in the Pacific–it’s hard to say exactly where; it keeps moving around. The entire country is hooked up to a complex array of Evinrude outboard motors, so they can just pick up and go any time they want. Malaysia doesn’t like staying in one place for very long.

You see, Malaysia’s on the run from the law. They went to Singapore and well, they chewed gum. Lots of it. Like, right out on the street and everything. Malaysia managed to evade capture by Singapore police and lived a life on the run ever since, drifting through the Pacific Ocean, and firing up those outboard engines when Singapore officials get a little too close for comfort.

Malaysia is resigned to its fate–they know that someday, somewhere, their luck will run out. Their Evinrudes will run out of gas, and the Singapore police will haul them off to Singapore jail, and probably cane them. But for now, Malaysia enjoys this life, going from place to place, loving and leaving a series of beautiful women in every port, never tied down. It’s called freedom, baby.


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