Mumbai: A City, Probably

Most Americans know about Mumbai thanks to the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.” Now, we never saw that movie, but we did see “No Country For Old Men,” which won the Best Picture Oscar the previous year. So, based on THAT movie, here’s what we can say about Mumbai:

  • There are dudes there with bad haircuts killing people with some sort of air gun doodad they use on cattle. That’s fucked up, Mumbai.
  • If you shoot a dog that’s lunging at you that’s running at like, 30 mph, you’ll stop it in  mid-air; somehow, a tiny bullet will fully stop the dog’s inertia. It’s against the laws of physics everywhere–everywhere but Mumbai.
  • Tommy Lee Jones is not as effective a law enforcement official as you might wish for.

Next week, we’ll look at facts about London based on the movie “Dune.”


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