Apollo 9: A Space Deal

As you can see by the patch, Apollo 9 didn’t even go to the moon. NASA just put the lunar orbiter and the lunar lander in a supercollider and crashed them together, just to see what would happen. Yes, they’d been drinking. And yes, they’d been doing a little meth, too.

So what happens when you crash a lunar orbiter into a lunar orbiter at high speeds? Dude, it was wicked cool. The lunar orbiter like, smashed the crap out of the lunar lander and shit. Pieces of that thing went flying everywhere. SO cool! Then the NASA scientists whooped, threw their cans of Blitz beer into the air and shot them with BB rifles in midair and it was pretty much the most awesome day at NASA ever. Yes, better than that whole moon landing thing. That wasn’t extreme at all compared to this shit.


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