Disalmanac Is All Over The Damn Web, Slappy

As you probably know, Disalmanac is more than a blog–here’s our semi-annual round-up of all the online Disalmanac goodness you can wrap your touchscreen around:

Podcast: In a week or two, we’ll be starting a new season of the Disalmanac Podcast, with Random Bonus Facts from all sorts of smart famous people. In the meantime, go here to download our old podcasts, including Random Bonus Facts from mega-Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings, musicians Ted Leo and Clinic, comedians Reggie Watts and Sara Benincasa, and more!

Twitter: This is where most of the Disalmanac action takes place on a daily basis. Follow us for several fact-like tweets daily.

Tumblr: This is the visual version of Disalmanac: old photos, graphs and charts, maps, and other visual fact-like information for you to, um, Tumbl.

Pinterest: A lot of the visual info also appears here. Repin it!

Storify: On our new Storify account, we’re collecting tweets, blog entries and more on topics like the presidents and US states, all in one convenient place.

Facebook page: Our Facebook page: get updates, and Like them!

We’re pretty sure that’s about it for now, unless we have a Bandcamp or JDate page we don’t know about. Bookmark and follow these pages to get the full Surroundsound version of Disalmanac!


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